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What Kind of Music Do You Play?

The playlist contains adult alternative rock, classic rock, folk and contemporary singer/songwriter, current as well as time-tested pop, and a few country-western songs in each set. In addition, when appropriate, I may throw in 'surprise' songs to keep it interesting, such as "Conjunction Junction" from the Schoolhouse Rock series, TV Themes, unique songs such as "A Boy Named Sue", etc. For multiple set shows, I generally keep the first set lower key with acoustic guitar, and 'pick up the pace' by switching to electric and more aggressive songs for the second set. The playlist is dependent on what is stored and sequenced in the equipment used, and that may change from time to time based on listener feedback, requests, and my own whims. For a complete current playlist, visit the "Performance" tab.


What Does It Cost?

The price depends on where the event is located, how long you want me to play, and any extra requests. But to give a general idea, for a private event within 20 miles or so of Ridgefield CT, it's usually a minimum of $150. This would be for one set of an hour or so of playing time. After that, you can figure $100 an hour for each additional hour of playing time. There may be additional charges if there is a lot of time between sets (for example, if there was a presentation that took an hour between sets), or if I needed to download and learn special request songs, or if the venue location was farther away. This usually puts it somewhere between $150 and $750.  Rates are different for businesses such as bars and restaurants that are employing live talent to pull customers and generate revenue. Rates are flexible depending on the situation, so let's talk!


What Is Required For Set Up And Performance?

Not much!! I only need about a 5 feet by 5 feet square to fit my gear, and a place to stash some cases and bags (about the size of a guitar case piled 3 or 4 high). A single 120 volt outlet is all the power that is needed. You can see a list of equipment used by selecting the "Equipment" tab above. Other than that, protection from weather if necessary for outdoor events, drinking water, and people that want to have fun and listen to live music. Folks that like to sing along are an added perc! : )

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